We are the physicians who care for Mississippi.

The Mississippi State Medical Association is the largest physician organization in the state representing more than 5,000 physicians, residents and medical students.

You look out for your patients. We look out for you. Whether it's helping you resolve payment and reimbursement problems, developing practice management tools for you and your staff, creating programs to improve public health or finding the best deals on services that are relevant to you, MSMA is fighting for the physicians who care for Mississippi every single day. 


Physician Leader Spotlight: Meredith Travelstead, MD

Dr. Meredith Travelstead knew as a child that she wanted to be a physician. Her father, an oral surgeon, introduced her to his work, showing her slides and procedures, piquing her curiosity. She worked part time in his office here and there and over ...Continue

Physician Leader Spotlight: Charles Richardson, MD

Dr. Charles Richardson knows there is a stigma around the patients treated by his profession of psychiatry—and around the treating of mental health in general. In fact, helping to remove that stigma is one of the things that keeps him going. As a thi ...Continue

Physician Leader Spotlight: Anne Roberson, MD

For Dr. Ann Chancellor Roberson, being a physician is a blending of science and compassion. An early interest in science led to fascination with research and, eventually, a desire to use that knowledge base to reach out and help people. As an anes ...Continue

Physician Leader Spotlight: Peggy Boles, MD

Dr. Peggy Boles remembers when she first thought about becoming a physician. She was ten years old and her little brother, Hilton, was diagnosed with leukemia. The diagnosis helped her young mind find a focus and a way to provide comfort and relief t ...Continue


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149TH MSMA Annual Session
South MS Medical Society Meeting (6:30 PM)