One of MSMA’s foremost functions is to advocate on behalf of physicians and their patients. We are the only oldest and largest association in Mississippi that advocates for physicians. Our advocacy efforts extend to both the U.S. Congress and Mississippi State Capitol, to the courtroom and on the front lines for public health. MSMA’s professional, experienced legal team/advocacy is available to answer questions and assist you with  regulations and policy changes related to your practice and health system reform. The practice of medicine and patient rights are under attack from every angle through government intrusion, lawsuit abuse, over-regulation of medicine and third party payers. MSMA is 5,000 physicians speaking with one powerful voice on legislative issues like immunizations, managed care, liability insurance, Medicaid, scope of practice, contracting, and public health.

We represent physicians. We protect patients. We drive policy. 

Every day during the legislative session, the Capitol Medical Unit is staffed by a full-time nurse and an MSMA volunteer physician who provide basic medical services to legislators and capitol staff. As a Doctor of the Day, you’ll see firsthand the everyday operations of the Mississippi Legislature and be recognized on both the Senate and House floors at the opening of each day’s session. Volunteers can choose from a half day on Monday or Friday or a full day on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Session begins in January. 

We invite you to join MSMA and let us feature YOU as a Doctor of the Day at the Capitol. Just click below to sign up!

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