Public Health
Supporting our members as they seek to improve the overall health of Mississippians is one of our primary goals. MSMA is involved in numerous public health initiatives designed to create a healthier Mississippi.

  • Physicians for a Smoke-Free Mississippi - MSMA is leading a state-wide campaign with the ultimate goal of making Mississippi a smoke-free state. In 2014, a comprehensive program involving over 4,000 office-based physicians and academic instructors across the state was launched to gain support and gather signatures from concerned Mississippians desiring to live in a smoke-free state. Over 10,000 signatures were presented to the 2015 State Legislature. 
  • Annual Public Health Report Card: Each year, MSMA releases its Public Health Report Card at a press conference held at the State Capitol. The Report Card is designed to educate legislators and the public on Mississippi’s public health status.
  • Medicine’s Mini-Internship: Community leaders can follow in a physician’s footsteps for a day through MSMA’s Mini-Internship for Medicine program. This program helps policy and decision makers to better understand a physician’s role and impact on the local community.
  • Physicians’ Economic Impact: Physicians have a major economic impact on their local communities and collectively contribute more than $6 billion to the state’s economy. MSMA regularly distributes information statewide on physicians’ economic impact to state leaders as well as to individual Chambers, economic development agencies, cities and towns.