Government Affairs

One of MSMA’s foremost functions is to advocate on behalf of our physicians and their patients. We are the only association in Mississippi that advocates for physicians. Our advocacy efforts extend to both the U.S. and Mississippi State Capitol, to the courtroom and on the front lines for public health. MSMA’s professional, experienced legal team is available to answer questions and assist you in the areas of regulation and policy changes related to your practice and health system reform. The practice of medicine and patient rights are under attack from every angle through government intrusion, lawsuit abuse, over-regulation of insurance companies and other third parties. MSMA is a powerful advocate on legislative issues including tort reform, liability insurance, Medicaid, scope of practice, contracting, and public health and safety issues.

We represent physicians. We protect patients. We influence policy. 

Legislative news

ICYMI: What the American Healthcare Act Means for Mississippi Physicians

Posted on 5/5/2017
We invited Cynthia Brown, AMA Vice President of Government Affairs, to address a group from the Central Medical Society on April 11, 2017, at River Hills Club in Jackson. While the version of the American Health Care Act passed by the House of Repres

Legalese: Charity Care

Posted on 11/22/2016
A breakdown of the legal issues surrounding free and charitable medical care including civil immunity and waiver requirements

Get involved

MSMA "key contact" physicians work with the association to create personal relationships with local legislators and contact lawmakers periodically to discuss important issues. If you would like more information on the key contact program, contact Director of Government Affairs David Roberts. 

Find your elected officials

Want to participate in MSMA advocacy by contacting your legislator, but not certain of who your elected officials are? Visit, enter your home or business address in the search bar, and easily find your U.S. Congressman and Senator, Governor, and State Representative and Senator.

Doctors make most decisions for each one of their individual patients.  However, we cannot make decisions for groups of patients, as in, we do not make health policy.   If we want smart and effective policy, then doctors either need to become politicians or we need to educate the politicians.  That’s what organized medicine can accomplish.  If doctors don’t speak up for and support smart policy decisions to protect patients, then we are not truly treating our patients appropriately.

Jonathan Jones, MD