CME for MOC update

All national specialty boards require a designated number of CME hours or other approved activities (points) as a component of MOC.  Access to CME that would count toward MOC has been limited to programs approved by the national boards.  This often meant expensive travel to meetings that offered MOC point activities.  Recently, the national CME accrediting body ACCME partnered with four national boards to expand physician access to CME programs that count as points.  Now, physicians can attend certain CME activities produced by MSMA and other organizations to count as points towards MOC of the American Board of Pediatrics, ABIM, the American Board of Anesthesiology, and the American Board of Pathology.  A number of other boards are in process of collaborating with ACCME to widen the range of CME available.  We encourage you to check with your national specialty board to see if greater access to CME is in your future.  If not, you can use the letter below to petition your national specialty board to explore collaborating with ACCME.

Letter to National Specialty Board


Month, Day, Year

John Doe, MD, Chair
National Specialty Society
City, State, ZIP

Dear Dr._______,

I have recently learned that a number of ABMS member boards are collaborating with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to widen the range of CME activities that will count toward those boards’ MOC programs.  This collaboration has increased the number and diversity of CME programs recognized for lifelong learning and self-assessment credits, resulting in physicians saving valuable time and expense in obtaining points.   

If the [national specialty board] is not already considering such a collaboration, I formally request that the [national specialty board] align with the ACCME to enhance the MOC program.  

______________, MD/DO