Join the Mississippi Telehealth Network

Offer your medical services online and get paid for every patient you treat.

You can get reimbursed up to $250 for completing eVisits from your smartphone or computer, depending on the program and your specialty.*

Enrollment in the Mississippi Telehealth Network is quick, easy, and convenient. Learn more about how to get started.

Increase patient retention using the latest digital health technology.

A stronger telehealth network means stronger negotiating power and greater collaboration. Sign up today.


MSMA found a solution for you to reach your patients during and after the COVID pandemic with our Digital Physician Telemedicine Network, allowing you to retain your patients and compete with national telemedicine companies already reaching your patients online. This HIPAA compliant network will allow you to retain your current patients, drive new revenue to your practice, help you to compete with the national telemedicine companies, and also connect our state through digital collaboration and communication technology.

MSMA has received a generous grant to cover the cost of subscriptions from AZOVA, a Digital Health System that enables traditional provider networks to create digital provider networks through a single, consumer-accessible interface. AZOVA has provided MSMA with our own digital provider network. This offering will allow physicians to access robust, user-friendly tools to enhance your practice.

You can view our network at
Your Immediate Benefits of Joining the Network

Participate in PAID telemedicine opportunities brought to you through MSMA, AZOVA, and other partner organizations who are seeking telemedicine physician services.

We have a number of these opportunities right now, so please join the network as soon as possible. Once you are in, AZOVA will automatically notify you of each opportunity, the reimbursement rate, and services required. You can opt into each opportunity when you onboard as you choose.
Reimbursement rates for these programs range from $10 - $170 depending on the service provided and the specific program. You will be paid directly for each service you provide. There is NO COST to participate and you GET PAID when you participate.

With this HIPAA compliant network, you can easily complete eVisits from your smartphone or computer.

You receive your own online clinic listing in the MSMA network and the AZOVA national network, allowing your current patients to contact you online while also giving you even more exposure to new patients.

When you join the network, you will create your own online telemedicine and in-office clinic listing. MSMA and AZOVA will advertise your network listing to drive patients to you. You can choose to accept cash or insurance through the network. You set your own cash rates.

AZOVA has waived all monthly licensing fees for the marketing package, though there is a technology fee of $10 to $18 associated with each patient encounter generated. This fee covers the cost of advertising and the technology that is needed to drive patients to your online clinic.

Please note: There is NO technology fee associated with paid telemedicine opportunities. Your online clinic listing is separate and distinct from the paid telemedicine opportunities.

While the grant from AZOVA covers your monthly licensing fees, you can also choose to purchase any number of digital health technologies for your own business and website.

Contact AZOVA sales here.

When a patient chooses to use insurance for your services, you can verify the patient’s benefits prior to completing the visit and submit a claim for the service if the visit is a covered benefit. If the visit is not covered, you can notify the patient and bill the patient directly as you normally would. AZOVA will invoice you for the technology fee for each visit sent to you through the marketing package.

When the patient chooses to pay cash for your services,
AZOVA will collect the payment from the patient and remit it to you less the marketing package technology fee.

How it works

Step 1. Join the network through the automated onboarding here.

Registration for the MSMA Digital Physician Telemedicine Network can be done is as little as 20 minutes.

You will need the following information to join the network:
  • Your NPI number
  • Your DEA number (if you have one)
  • Your state license number and expiration date for each state you are licensed in
  • Your malpractice certificate and expiration date
  • Your ACH information (this is how you will be paid for services you provide)

The admin for your practice will automatically be the first physician or mid level provider who joins. You can add as many physicians and midlevel providers as you need. Each additional participant will receive an email with a link to complete their own account setup.

You will be asked to provide a credit card when you set up your account. AZOVA will charge your credit card for:
  • any technology fees,
  • video calling (three cents per minute), and
  • SMS fees (two cents per SMS). SMS is used for notifications only.
  • Secure messaging is free and unlimited.
  • You have the ability to use the video calling for your practice.

Step 2. Once you are listed in the network, you can opt into paid telemedicine programs and patients can register for your evisit and in-office services online.

You will be notified via text and email each time a patient registers. Download the AZOVA app and log in to receive your notifications and complete your visits.

From your account, you can go to the learning center to learn how to use AZOVA or you can attend any of the regular training webinars conducted by AZOVA.

Step 3. Visits are easy to complete in THREE SIMPLE STEPS:

Patients register online. You will be notified via email and SMS.

You complete the visit on the mobile app or your computer. Enter your assessment and plan and send it to your patient.

Send a prescription through AVOZA. the patient, you, and the pharmacy can also securely message through the application.

Step 4. You are paid directly for any paid telemedicine programs and for cash rate telemedicine services that you offer. You submit a claim to insurance as you normally would for any insurance-based programs.

Network Adequacy
It is very important that we have the majority of Mississippi physicians participate in the network. Please register your practice today.

We ask that all MSMA physicians join the network for a number of reasons:

  1. When the Mississippi Telehealth Network has representation across the state, physicians develop stronger negotiating power to get reimbursement for services, which allows physicians to compete with the national telemedicine companies.
  2. A larger digital provider network means more opportunities for Mississippi physicians to participate..
  3. MSMA can connect the entire state through a single technology to offer telehealth services to any patient or facility who needs care, and physicians can securely message, share records, and collaborate in patient care together.

If you have any further questions regarding this program, please reach out to MSMA or to AZOVA.

*Reimbursement rates range from $5 to $250, depending on the program and your specialty.