Student Advocacy Training (STAT) Program

The MSMA STAT program was designed to encourage medical students to get involved with organized medicine through advocacy, professional networking, and leadership training. Students who complete six eligible activities during their medical school career are recognized as STAT Scholars at the Annual Session of the Mississippi State Medical Association House of Delegates in August.
To join the STAT program, contact Conner Reeves at or (601) 853.6733, ext. 309. If you’re not enrolled in the program but have already participated in one or more STAT-eligible activities, just call us to verify participation and we’ll log it retroactively.  

The activities listed below are offered to give you a variety of ways to gain advocacy experience and get plugged in to MSMA. Plus, completion of this program is a great addition to any resume!

STAT Activities

Visit the State Capitol during legislative session with MSMA
See how the legislative process works and meet your legislators, we’ll help! At the start of every year when the legislature is in session, MSMA staff are at the Capitol to lobby on behalf of MSMA member physicians. Every year, legislation is introduced that affects the practice of medicine positively or negatively.  It is only with the support and involvement of our physician members that MSMA is able to effectively advocate for the practice of medicine.  Also, meet the Doctor of the Day: each day a licensed Mississippi physician volunteers their time to provide medical care to legislators and their staff.  Contact Conner Reeves to schedule a visit.

Attend a local medical society meeting
MSMA is comprised of 16 regional medical societies that meet a few times per year to discuss local medical issues, hear from speakers, socialize with local physicians and students, and to propose resolutions for the MSMA Annual Session.  Through this activity you will connect with practicing physicians and will learn about the changing landscape of medicine. Contact Becky Wells to find out where and when meetings are scheduled.

Attend a Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure meeting
The Board of Medical Licensure issues professional licenses and serves as the regulatory board for the practice of medicine in Mississippi.  Every other month, the Board meets publicly to hold disciplinary hearings, discuss proposed regulatory changes and to evaluate collaboration requests, among other topics.   As an observer at a meeting, you will be exposed to the regulatory side of practicing medicine, a highly important area. Click here for the meeting schedule.

Join in on an MSMA legislative update conference call
Each week during the legislative session, MSMA members and invited guests join in a conference call to discuss legislative activities and progress on particular bills.  This is a great follow-up to visiting the Capitol and will help you understand the lengthy legislative process.  Contact David Roberts if you’d like to join in as a guest.

Participate in a grassroots effort by writing a letter to a legislator
MSMA often calls on members to write letters, send emails or make calls to their legislators expressing support or opposition to a bill. Your voice is highly important; coordinate with us on a particular effort that you are passionate about.

Write an Article for the Journal MSMA
The Journal MSMA is a monthly scientific magazine edited and produced by dedicated and talented MSMA physician members and MSMA staff. Email Karen Evers, the Managing Editor, if you’d like more information on submitting an article for publication:

Attend the MSMA Annual Session
Each year, MSMA members gather to elect new officers, consider proposed resolutions, and to commend the recipients of various awards. Here you can be an actual voting delegate and participate in the democratic process that steers MSMA’s efforts.  The 2018 MSMA Annual Session is on August 17 and 18 at the Westin Hotel in Jackson. Attendance is free but you will need to pre-register with the MSMA office. Contact Becky Wells for more information.

Participate in an AMA recruitment event/AMA meeting
MSMA works closely with the American Medical Association to recruit students as members and to encourage student attendance at AMA meetings.  The AMA provides advocacy resources and support to state medical associations as well as many opportunities to become a physician advocate.  Contact Conner Reeves to learn about becoming an AMA Student Delegate or attending another event.

Attend an MSMA Council on Medical Service meeting
The Council strives to improve overall health of all Mississippians through the study of all aspects of medical care in Mississippi.  It examines data and opinions related to medical service, emergency service programs, indigent care, and allied medical agencies.  Contact us to find out about upcoming presentations or meetings.

Volunteer in an MMPAC event
The Mississippi Medical Political Action Committee raises money to support Mississippi’s elected officials who are champions for the practice of medicine.  Contact David Roberts about upcoming PAC events.

Participate in an activity with the Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi
Participate in an activity with Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi and learn about the current medical-legal environment in Mississippi. Through this activity (specifics to be determined as requested), gain knowledge and insight into the purpose of professional liability insurance and the role of risk management and patient safety into today’s medical practice.  Contact MSMA to learn more.