Dr. Michael Mansour (second from left) at his inauguration. Also attending were Immediate Past President Dr. William Grantham (left), President-elect Dr. J. Clay Hays, Jr. (right), and Dr. Mansour's wife, Dr. Kathleen Mansour.

2018 Annual Session Resolutions

Summaries of the resolutions are below:

Medical Coverage Expansion
MSMA will solicit ideas from physicians across the state on ways to provide medical coverage for the underinsured and uninsured using a survey to include objective inquiry concerning Medicaid expansion as a possible solution, and report to the House of Delegates in 2019.

Study of Medical Marijuana
The Board of Trustees will form a study committee or assign an existing committee to survey available research on medical marijuana and report back to the House of Delegates in 2019. The committee will look at the ramifications for physicians who recommend/certify its use.

Mobile App for Mississippi Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
MSMA will work with the Board of Pharmacy to create a mobile app for the Prescription Monitoring Program.

Standards for the Independent Practice of Medicine
MSMA will lead a state Scope of Practice Partnership to promote physicians as leaders of the health care team and to strengthen collaboration between physicians and other members of the team.

Public Awareness to Combat Scope of Practice Infringements
Directs MSMA to work with state and national specialty societies on a public awareness campaign promoting physician-led, team-based care.

Building Mid-level Provider Allies
Recommends MSMA seek allies on the health care team who don’t seek independent practice and survey those who work with a physician on site and support the physician-led team.

Cigarette User Fee
MSMA will make increasing the tobacco tax a priority to improve public health, offset the costs of smoking-related disease and direct additional revenue to Medicaid.

Access to Mental Health Treatment for Incarcerated Individuals
The Association will work with the Mississippi Psychiatry Association to require the Department of Corrections to work with Medicaid on enrolling inmates. Also, MSMA will encourage law enforcement to use mental health screening tools for inmates.

Enforcing Trump Regulation Rules to Bloated Medical System
The Board of Trustees will study the possibility of extending to the health care sector Pres. Trump's executive order to reduce federal regulations. 

Promotion of Healthy Hospital Work Environments
The Association will work with the Mississippi Hospital Association to promote healthy work environments, healthy food choices and health screenings in hospitals and in the communities they serve.

Promotion of Healthy School Environments
MSMA will work to ensure MDE is complying with the Mississippi Healthy Students Act and its reporting requirements.

Support Increased Physician Workforce in Mississippi
Supports adequate funding for the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce to develop more residency slots.

Two-Year Mississippi Medical License
MSMA will explore with the State Board of Medical Licensure the possibility of a two-year medical license for Mississippi physicians.

Survival of Rural Hospitals; and Rural Physician and Patient Access to Hospital Services Critical for State
MSMA will communicate to state leaders the importance of rural hospitals and encourage state leaders to find solutions to the rural health care crisis.

Licensing of Genetic Counselors in Mississippi
MSMA supports licensing of genetic counselors and a licensed genetic counselor must be supervised by a collaborating physician medical geneticist.

Physician Non-Compete Agreements
The Board of Trustees will consider ways to educate physicians on contracts, and seek a legislative policy statement opposing restrictive covenants.

Psychiatric Question by the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure
MSMA will work with the State Board of Medical Licensure to update reportable conditions on licensure applications so that questions about mental health care consider impairment, not just treatment.

Improving Funding at Department of Health
MSMA will work not only for full funding of the Department of Health, but also to increase funding to address serious matters of population health.

Maximizing Medicaid to Improve Health Care in Mississippi
MSMA will ask the Medicaid Medical Care Advisory Committee to ask Medicaid to explore creative ways to improve the program that other states have employed.

Promotion of MSMA via Social Media
Resolves that MSMA will enhance its social media marketing to communicate value and increase membership.

Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Recognizes the 60 years of the Journal MSMA and commends the editors for their dedication.

Commending the Career of Charles M. Dunn, III
Expresses appreciation for the work of Chuck Dunn of Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi.

Health Plan Survey
The Association will survey members annually on insurance company policies and claims denial rates to help members make decisions on participation with insurance companies.

Increasing Membership Dues
MSMA membership will increase to $515 starting in 2019.