Physician Leadership Academy participants meet periodically throughout the year. Each session features an expert speaker on a leadership-related topic, including:

  • The Practice of Leadership: Self-Awareness as the Gateway of Effective, Authentic Influence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Media and Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Advocacy Strategies
  • The Art of Negotiation Collaboration and Influence
  • Collaboration and Influence

Fees and Expenses

MSMA underwrites 90% of the costs, including course materials, speaker fees, lodging and meal expenses.

Nominating organizations are encouraged to consider full sponsorship of their nominees. The $1,000 tuition is nominal compared to the value of this course to the participating physician, and the investment dividend the nominating organization will receive from its sponsorship of a scholar.

Transportation costs will be the responsibility of the scholar.

Physicians by definition are leaders,

but they are not formally trained in leadership. The MSMA Physician Leadership Academy was created in 2014 to prepare MSMA members for future leadership positions. The in-depth, nine-month long program provides training in core aptitudes preparing physicians to excel as future leaders, in their own practices, and in organized medicine and the public policy arena. Sessions included training in conflict resolution, contract negotiation, media and communication skills and collaboration.

Application Process

The program is limited to 15 scholars. Applicants must be a member in good standing with MSMA and committed to attending all sessions. The program is nine months long, consisting of six one-day sessions from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Scholars must be nominated by one of the following: any component or specialty medical society, medical practice, hospital, health plan, or any MSMA subsidiary. The application asks you to provide a supplement page describing why you are interested in this program and your current/ past leadership roles. Download an application below and submit the packet to Kim Mathis no later than August 31, 2018. The Selection Committee will review all application packets to compose the Class of 2019. 

Meet the Class of 2019

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Afifa Adiba, MD

Mary Gayle Armstrong, MD

Jennifer Bryan, MD


Kristen Crawford, MD

W. Jeremy Erwin, MD 

DeGail J. Hadley, DO


Katherine Pannel, DO

Sara Martin Robertson, MD

Geri Lee Weiland, MD